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While you take off them Vicky?s
Girl, tell me all your secrets
I?m all ears, I?ll listen
I promise I can keep them all

I?m way past my limit
And I ain?t even drink shit
Tipsy of trippy
Baby you intoxicate me

You know that oh, you got me
Oh, you got me
When you think you’ve lost it all
Girl I promise I’ll be hung up
?cause oh, you got me
And all I need is all of you
There’s no need for what imma’ do
Hey, I’ll be the only one, you?ll be the only one
Just breathe, for a minute, baby, just breathe

I?ll swim in your ocean
And know you need your back stroke
No sinking, just floating
We’re high in Costa Rica

Together we play the game of love
United we lay, in God we trust
This moment is for the both of us
Don?t fuck it up, don?t fuck it up