Welcome to sahdpdx Lyrics Sites ELIJAH BLAKE Towers Of Tokyo Lyrics, singer by ELIJAH BLAKE

As the words hit my ear
And her eyes cut me deep
I was only fived heartbeats away from losing everything
I believed, it was mine cause I had it
Not because I deserved it
No matter how I try to play it off like I’m not hurting
You see it on the surface

I’m a fool in love
That part’s obvious, baby, baby
Just like carpenters
We can build from the ground up and fix it
We’ll get high and build it up
Like the towers of Tokyo
Give it structure
Build it strong
Like the tower
We’ll never fall

See, everything I can need
Is standing right in front of me
Nothing more, nothing less
Not concerned about the rest
I’m amazed and I’m ashamed
Could’ve left but you stayed
See it was all fun and games
‘Till my blues skies turned to rain


Has any-anybody ever felt like
Their life’s about to flash before your eyes
And all you can say is ooh….